Stained Concrete in Stephenville

Stained concrete has grown in popularity across the Stephenville area because of the aesthetic value it can add to any residential or commercial property in the area. Of course, if you want to reap the aesthetic benefits that await when you invest in stained concrete, it’s always worth your while to let a professional handle it on your behalf.

The reason why you should resist the temptation to stain concrete yourself is because you only get one shot at it. Once the stain has been applied, there is no going back. The color is permanent and can have the opposite effect on your home or business’s atmosphere should you apply it incorrectly. Plus, your safety could be a concern if you haven’t been properly trained in handling the stains. This is especially true when working with acid-based stains because they contain corrosive materials that can cause skin and eye irritation.

Rather than put your health and the aesthetic quality of your home or business at risk, let Kennedy Masonry handle all your stained concrete needs. For many years, our group of licensed and bonded masons have been enhancing the look and feel of commercial and residential properties all over the area thanks to our ability to stain concrete.

For a free estimate on the stained concrete services you require, give Kennedy Masonry a call today.

What Concrete Can Be Stained?

Not sure whether or not your concrete can be stained? Well, we have good news for you. All concrete can be stained! Stains, both acid and water-based, can be applied to new, old, plain or color-integrated concrete whether it’s indoors or out.

So, if you are interested in staining your kitchen countertops, pool deck, patio, concrete floors or driveway, rest assured that Kennedy Masonry’s experts have helped someone in your position before.

The condition of the surface is certainly a factor, however. If the concrete is covered in grime, glues, coating, curing membranes or sealers that inhibit the stain from being absorbed, the stain won’t be able to penetrate and achieve the full color development. If you are not sure whether or not your concrete is in the right shape to be stained, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to arrange a time for us to come inspect the state it’s in.

Your Color Options

Everyone wants to know what kinds of colors are available to them when they decide to invest in stained concrete. It varies depending on whether you are using an acid or water-based stain.

With acid stains, your choices are somewhat limited to earth tones (tans, browns, terracottas) and soft blue-greens.

Water-based acrylic stains will give you a wider spectrum of hues to choose from. Everything from standard colors to white, black and even metallic tints can be made available.

Just let us know what you want stained and the color you have in mind, and we’ll figure out the rest!

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